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Gratitude Journaling: The Habit That Reduces Caregiver Stress

November 08, 2022 Cathy VandenHeuvel Episode 134
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
Gratitude Journaling: The Habit That Reduces Caregiver Stress
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
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Show Notes

 Do you want to hear the ONE habit I started one month into my caregiving journey that has made a huge difference in my caregiver stress and mindset.  I truly believe I am able to cope with challenges and struggles better. No matter how hard things are, I have trained my brain and can shift my mindset.    In this episode, I’m sharing my personal daily habit I do each day.  It’s simple and impactful. 

After a month of worry,  sleepless nights,  negative thoughts and feeling depressed,  I made the decision to take control of my thoughts.     

The practice was pretty easy….  Each day write down 5 things you are grateful for.  

  • When - determine time of day
  • Where - find a quiet space
  • Writing it down 
  • Results will come but with commitment, persistence and patience

Incorporating the Journaling gratitude habit has helped my caregiver stress and mindset.   It takes 5 minutes each day and has an amazing impact on my mood, outlook and day-to-day stress levels. 

The second thing I did was reach out to a caregiver community.  It was so valuable to speak with other caregivers who are going through similar experiences, stressors and challenges.   That’s why I created The Caregiver Cup Circle.   

Registration is now open for the Caregiver Cup Circle.   Join a community of caregivers who "get it" and most importantly life each other up.  

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