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Finding Shifts That Bring You Joy And Fun

December 06, 2022 Cathy VandenHeuvel Episode 138
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
Finding Shifts That Bring You Joy And Fun
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
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Show Notes

We as caregiver don’t get that many good days, let alone good weeks.   

I want to talk more about this bowling thing I joined.  Why in the world would I bowl when I know nothing about this game and I was deep into caregiver, right?  

My best friend, Julie asked me during the summer if I would consider doing something fun with her one day a week during the winter months.  My thoughts and guilt said no. How could I when my Mom’s lung cancer came back,  Denis was still recovering from his stem cell transplant and I could barely juggle everything else.  

But my friend convinced me that we could find something that didnt’ take a lot of time and we could just get away from everything for a bit.  

With a little convincing,  I said yes.   Julie found a non-competitive mixers bowling league on Wednesdays that were from 5-6pm  I went to a practice night and met everyone and it seamed comfortable and fun.  

However, honestly,  I didn’t like bowling because I totally stunk at it.  It seemed hard and after the practice night, every muscle ached.  

I remember my Mom telling me, that this would be good for you.  

My first official night was hard.  My mind and heart were with my Mom in hospice care.   I bowled 84, 86 and 92.  Well..  I definitely was a rookie and had room for improvement. The next week, I had one game over 100, barely.  

As the weeks went on I got better and starting enjoying the time with Julie and the other teams we met.   

Now I look forward to that time out and come back from bowling with a spring in my step.  I took a deep breath last week in the car, had tears running down my eyes because bowling brings me joy.   And  it gave me something fun to focus on.   

I found myself look at bowling videos which was a nice distraction.   

It’s ok to have fun and enjoy yourself as a caregiver.   Even in the hardest times of your caregiving journey.    You don’t have to feel guilty for it.  

I call this a shift that has changed me in my caregiving journey.     These are things you try to less your stress and reduce that burnout that creeps in.  

Another shift that I made about a year into my journey was find a community.  Check out the Caregiver Cup Circle and join the waitlist.   The December Circle is in progress but we will open up registration again right after Christmas for just a week.  

My last shift I want to share with you (and if you are on my email list, you may have heard this).  It’s one that I started just a few months ago.   You know what it is?!

Hugging yourself.  

Well, my friend,  I wish you more good days than bad.  More joy than stress and More hugs than tears.  Remember to keep your cup full.   When you fill your cup each day, you’ll be able to be a better version of yourself.  

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