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What Is The Cost Of Caregiver Burnout?

December 27, 2022 Cathy VandenHeuvel Episode 141
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
What Is The Cost Of Caregiver Burnout?
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
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Show Notes

 Today we’re talking about this dreaded caregiver disease:  Burnout.  I know it’s not officially a disease but it is the hazard of caregiving.  

Think about it,  all professions have downfalls, risks or hazards.   

  • Reba McEntire postponed her concerts in November to rest her vocal cords
  • My daughter-in-law is a teacher and is at higher risks of respiratory infections 
  • Working Mom fight priorities and expectations, sleep deprivation and managing time effectively.

What do all three of theses examples have in common?   Burnout.

Burnout is the hazard of the caregiver role.   But you can take measures to overcome it or avoid it.   Yes.  that’s what I said.  

It breaks my heart when I hear caregivers say:  It is what it is. I can’t.  I’m the only one.  I can do this .  My vows say for better or for worse.     

Is your caregiving unhealthy and becoming a hazard?   What is caregiving i costing you?   

The obvious one is the impact of caregiving on your personal time  

Another is the impact caregiving can have on your income or job advancement

This ones a biggie:  Impacts of caregiving on your physical health

Then there’s the whole emotional cost of caregiving.    

I’m not telling you this to bring you down.  Heck, I want this to motivate you to fight like all hell to get out of burnout or avoid it.   

If you are still telling yourself you can’t or you’re stuck, then you really need to ask yourself why and find the inner strength to change.  

I want you to really take a seriously look at yourself right now.   Embrace and hug yourself for doing a dam good job as a caregiver.     Now I want you accelerate your caregiver game.   

  • Are you taking care of yourself?   
  • What about asking for help?  
  • Embrace joy. 

There is a difference between providing loving care vs unhealthy caregiving.  

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