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What Is The Best Exercise For You Right Now?

April 18, 2023 Cathy VandenHeuvel Episode 157
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
What Is The Best Exercise For You Right Now?
The Caregiver Cup Podcast
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Show Notes

As a caregiver, our days can be unending with caregiving tasks, home chores, our job and much more.  Stress and burn out can set in pretty fast.   You can’t always control everything in your life right now.  But one thing you can control is the care and time you give yourself. 

In this episode, I'm unpacking:

  • the benefits of exercise
  • why it's hard to fit in exercise as a caregiver
  • why movement can help you through stress and mental health
  • finding the best exercise for you in your caregiver season

Caring for yourself is what you need right now.  It should be non-negotiable - like brushing your teeth.   Being present and caring for your loved one is hard and requires so much effort.  

Just like all your caregiver tasks,  exercise should be a habit that is needed. 

To sustain this journey, you need to fill your cup.    

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